Before I go into this week’s blog. I hope everyone reading is well.

In addition, I want to share the link for those that want to help individuals negatively impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Please use the link

I don’t know the scripture this belongs to but I was told the following today: “You got to see it, before you see it, then you will see it.” In other words, you must first visualize the idea, then you will see it and then it will become reality. Even before I started writing these blogs, I had a vision of reaching readers in a way that is unlike My Seester’s Instagram or Facebook page. I wanted to give an account of My Seester’s journey on securing temporary housing for female veterans.

I am not in a position to give spoilers seeing this vision, conveying this vision as allowed others to see it, too means so much. The cliche, “it will take a village” is so true about this endeavor. It is hard to convey we are soldiers too but we need our separate space. We deserve our own space. That is a blog for another time. Today, join My Seester in “seeing” if you haven’t already.

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