I went to the Miami Women’s Fund event on Women’s Health yesterday. One of the many takeaways is treating women holistically. Before you say, “thanks, Captain Obvious” realize there are some that do not know that. There are some that feel as a female veteran, you really did not serve and therefore, what benefits and services you get, you should be happy about. My fellow female battles and I did serve, are serving and we deserve to have benefits and services that help with the transitioning process and address us, females, completely.

In order to do this properly, the holistic approach is best especially, to combat the escalating female veteran homeless rates. My Seester feel it is necessary to ask, what can be done now to help these ladies living on the street, or fleeing domestic violence situati8ons, or living in unsuitable places such as cars, or couch hopping from this friend to this relative?

My Seester with your feedback, support, and donations is implementing a series of workshops that will aid in the transitioning process for the female veteran. In keeping with addressing the whole female veteran, hygiene items will be given out at these workshops.

What do you think? What more can My Seester do?

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  1. Patrick C. Jackson
    Patrick C. Jackson says:

    Excellent that you continue to attend these various workshops and events. Allows big players in the future to see that you’re serious in making a very progressive change for the better.


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