I wonder what does it feel like to be a homeless veteran on the 4TH of July.  I imagine your ears are filled with squeals, giggles, and laughter. When day becomes night your once peaceful sky is filled with bright colors. Would you look up in awe? Then, there is the smell. The smell you cannot escape if you tried. The smell of food grilling, barbeque dipping, but you without enough money to buy a sandwich is everywhere. Let’s not forget the thank you for your service. It is not that you are ungrateful for the acknowledgement. But, a thank you cannot buy a sandwich or pay for a soda.

These are my thoughts. I do not know how accurate they are. I do know for My Seester, to help female veterans that are homeless, the organization must go where these ladies go. For that reason, the organization is interested in partnering with existing food banks. While food is being distributed My Seester will issue hygiene products. Should you know of any groups this will appeal to, please have them get in contact. In addition, My Seester wants to go to temporary shelters and provide some tools, resources, and contacts that will aide female veterans transitioning out of temporary housing soon.

My Seester realizes we cannot do this alone. Please spread the word so there would be at least one less homeless veteran spending their 4th of July without a proper home.

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