Today for my day job, I had the pleasure to attend Senator Manny Diaz Jr. Veteran Outreach event with a colleague. There was a wealth of information at the event. That I won’t write about here. Check My Seester’s Instagram or Facebook page.

In midst of all this, I met a representative from a “veteran friendly” school. He said we care for veterans and want to thank them for their service. So, we encourage all veterans to come to our school. 

I asked, “So, you honor the Forever GI Bill?”

He looked puzzled. And, admitted he never heard of such program. Actually, he said, “Forever, what?”

I won’t bore you with the back and forth I had with the individual. Or, how I had to “school” him on a program his “veteran friendly” school should know about. If, not the Forever the Post 9/11 and if not that the Montgomery. 

The link give some information on the Forever GI Bill.

I want to use this blog post, to warn you seesters to careful of groups, organizations, even individuals that say they are for veterans. Be sure to ask probing questions. Because, you don’t want to align yourself with someone that is repeating a scripted answer. Or, have no answer at all to your questions. Your service is worth more than that. You are worth more than than.

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